Friday, October 17, 2008

Rusty and Canyon

As I stated in an earlier post, Rusty and I recently got a dog, Canyon. Some may/may not know but they are great swimmers because of their webbed feet. On a side note, we are going camping with my family this weekend and Canyon is going with us. This morning, Rusty mentioned giving him a bath since he has that common dog smell that might get a little overwhelming since he will ride in the cab of the truck on our way there. Anyways, as I was giving him bath I realized how Rusty and Canyon have the same hair texture....coarse and water resistant! LOL Rusty has the oddest hair for a Caucasian.....really "wirey" I guess you could call it. His hair, like Canyon's, repels water too. If he were to jump into a swimming pool and be completely submerged his hair would still look dry when he came out of the water. Weird! So, when I was spraying Canyon's coat with water before I actually put shampoo on I noticed that the water was just rolling off hiscoat like it would on Rusty's hair.....LOL Like father like son!


The Hickman's said...

You are sooo funny!! Like father, like son... Ha!!

Cassie said... said...

I'm so glad to see you have a blog! We have a chocolate and yellow lab too!! Our chocolate is names Coco, but I call him Devil Spawn because he is evil & jumps ALL THE TIME!!!

The Skinner's said...

Hey Rachel!
Its your neighbors across the street!!! I found your blog thru Teresa Graves' blog! Whats you email so I can add you to my "private" blog! We missed you last time we had an appointment @ the clinic!
Talk to you soon.
Adam,Lesley, and Katherine Skinner

Rachel said...

My e-mail is