Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's cold outside!

Wow! It has been so cold...I hate being cold! We have not been turning on our heat in our house because it stirs up the allergens in the air and makes Rusty have bad headaches and earaches. The woman who used to live in this house had two inside dogs and it is in the ventilation system. We need to have them cleaned out so we can be warm again in this house! That is one of the worst things in life....waking up to a cold house every morning. It was 61 degrees this morning! Too cold for me....BUT, I am used to it since I grew up in a drafty house. My parents house started out as a one room school house and was moved to it's location where it is now and was added on to once and then added on to again after my parents bought it about 30 years ago. I remember my room was the farthest away from the fireplace and it only had one vent. At night, or when it was below freezing outside the condensation on my windows would freeze! I'm not joking! ha ha We are hoping to be able to get rid of our carpet in the living room and put down a wood floor after Christmas. I want to get rid of the carpet so bad! As I stated above, the woman who lived here before had to inside dogs who evidently were never let outside to do their business....We had Stanley Steamer come but you can still see "rings" in the carpet. NASTY! Hopefully that will help with Rusty's allergies too.

On a side note...I decorated for Christmas last week (the week after Halloween)! ha ha Some say it is too early but I was so anxious to decorate since it is our first Christmas in our house. Last Tuesday, Rusty got home and I already had the tree's....yes, more than one tree, up and the mantle decorated. I finally got it all finished last Thursday while Rusty was reffing his last football game of the season. I will post pictures later after I add a few final touches. I still need a tree skirt, a new stocking for me and a stocking for Canyon.....maybe a few other things.

I feel like I am rambling on and on....

On a side note....I am on the homestretch for completing my bachelor's degree! I have 6 hours in the spring and internship, which consists of being at a school teaching from 8-3 Monday through Thursday and 16 hours where I will be at the University all day from 8-3 on Fridays taking classes. I won't be able to work at all next fall unless I work a few nights or weekends. I might need that time though to do homework....clean house....cook dinner....catch up with Russ...etc.... A little overwhelming but it will be the grand finale! ha ha Pray for me....


Dawn said...

We got hard wood floors in the living room a little over a year ago and WE LOVE THEM!! I wish I could put them in the bedrooms too. You will really enjoy it. Worth the price for sure.

Oh funny that you already decorated for Christmas. I don't blame you though. I love Christmas.

Exciting that you are getting so close to finishing your degree. You are on the home stretch.

Be careful doing those toe touches now. You don't want to hurt yourself. HAHA

Jessica said...

You are definitely in the final stretch of school! Woot woot! That is awesome.

Can't wait to see your decor. I had fun visiting with you on Saturday. It was good to hang out! : )

Stay warm!

Cassie said... said...

WOW! Already done with Christmas! You go girl. We have always set up Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Cassie said... said...

get some heat girl! You might freeze in your sleep!